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Saturday, December 21 2013

Imagine that you're on a fabulous tropical getaway and you look across the beach and see a beautiful beige tone. Now, imagine that color in a fabulous outfit! If Pantone's neutral, Sand, didn't take you there, we hope it does now. This neutral is a beautiful, cool color that will have you looking clean and chic.

Thursday, December 19 2013

Even though there are identifiers for every season, this floral everything trend seems to have monopolized the all of them. Throughout fashion month and in everyday life, floral looks are on every corner. Oversized prints, matching separates, accessories, and footwear have all taken on the florals! The great thing about this trend is that it can be over the top or very subtle and it's unisex!

Thursday, December 12 2013

With the future always looming ahead of us, the fashion industry is constantly inspired by it. You might have already noticed this trend since it's so hard to miss, but holographic treatments have been on the rise. This space age trend can be mostly seen in accessories which is probably a good thing because ultimately a whole holographic outfit might be somewhat overwhelming.

There's a color for all the girls (and boys) out there that is femme and chic, but isn't bubblegum pink. It's Pantone's Radiant Orchid, and it's 2014's fashion color of the year! This subtle, soft purple has tones of pink within it and it is absolutely perfect for spring! With all the sunshine and florals, this purple will have you catching all the buzz from the hive.

Thursday, December 05 2013

With DIY on the rise more and more designers are being influenced by the art scene even more than before. With brushstroke, paint splatter, and watercolor textures and fabrics being used, Painterly Patterns are a huge trend. Whether you're buying off the runway/rack or doing it yourself, this trend will have people swooning over your artistic treasures.

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about incredible designer and SOURCING at MAGIC attendee, Zankhna Parekh. Read on to hear about her experience as a designer attending the SOURCING show!

Wednesday, November 27 2013

All that glitters isn't gold. We can say that's partly true. Through winter and spring, you'll be sure to see all sorts of metallics on the street. Sure, you're asking what so special about a trend that's been ongoing for a while, well we'll tell you. This season we're seeing subdued metallics. They're more subtle and less in your face.

Friday, November 22 2013

Emerald is a thing of the past. This spring look for the fresh, crisp Hemlock green chosen by Pantone. Green has been popular these past few seasons and it came in many shades. Unlike what was once Pantone's Color of the Year, Emerald, Hemlock is much easier to pair with other colors. Because it is so light and subtle, this green is the perfect color to wear with another. As stated before, what we like to call Pantone's Neo-Neutrals, this shade will serve as a base to most outfits.

Wednesday, November 20 2013

Big or small, long or short, pleats are in for fall. Now, it wasn't long ago that pleats were being made fun of and were put in a category reserved for older women or school girls. That isn't the case now. Pleats are being seen on every stylish woman and it's straight lines and crisp creases are more visually stunning than ever.

Wednesday, November 13 2013

Get cozy with it! A trend we're noticing for fall is Intarsia. What is intarsia you ask? Well it's the technique of knitting patterns using multiple colors. What does it mean for us? Colorful, chunky knits that'll keep us warm and stylish.

Tuesday, November 12 2013

This round of colors Pantone has chosen for spring are really what we would consider the new neutrals. If you take a look at Paloma, you'll see a great cool, light, gray. Think of a silver without the sheen.

Wednesday, November 06 2013

The once super edgy and punk oriented fabric has entered mainstream fashion and we really like it. Mesh is being used in everything! It is being used in men's and women's fashion which makes it gender neutral and it has no boundaries. We've been seeing it in shoes, bomber jackets, skirts, and shirts. It makes it easier to layer pieces and even allows you to show some skin with modesty.

Monday, November 04 2013

A trend that keeps getting recycled (literally) is chinoiserie. From thrifted pieces to updated designer duds, this Asian inspired trend is all about being seen and being chic.

Monday, October 28 2013

Dazzling Blue, Pantone's Color of the year following Emerald and Tangerine Tango is more than just a pop of color and more like a base. Most of the time we use Pantone's Color Of The Year to add a pop to our outfit, but with this blue you can build your outfit around it.

Wednesday, October 23 2013

Since we've always got an eye out for the hottest trends, we've stumbled across one that is perfect for cuddling! There has been an array of fluffy pieces on and off the runway.

Wrapping up tradeshow season on the last day is a balance between easy-going and crunching.  By this point, I have a mental map of the show, so it’s easy to get around, but there is inevitably so much that I intended to get to that I still hadn’t found the time for.  As I mentioned, I like to save any serious business for the last day after I’ve shopped around.

During the SOURCING at MAGIC seminars, one of the big hot topics was fashion trends. What's hot and what's not? Well, even though summer is almost over, it looks like sheer maxi dresses are here to stay which I won't complain about that! So off I went to WWD MAGIC and checked out the brands on the floor to see who was following the Sourcing trends.

Sad to say, it's coming to an end. Since today was the last day, I decided to hang around #SOURCINGatMAGIC to make sure I didn't miss anything. I came across a few booths that struck interest. One being a textile Korea based company with a LA Showroom. The reps were super friendly and their company carried rare printed textiles.

One of the best parts of the show has been the seminars. Yesterday at the end of the day I had a chance to sit through a panel of bloggers from around the world. Afterward I got to chat with three - one based in London, one from Nashville, and an Italian based in L.A.

Just got out of Trends and Colors Forecasting and loved every minute of it! Rocker was by far my fav! I loved the mixed prints, dark and bright combos, as well as combining classic flannels with simple solid silhouettes. I also stopped by Nemecorp Screen Printing at #SOURCINGATMAGIC and met with two really knowledgable reps.

Wednesday, August 21 2013

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Production Diaries – Day 3 COURTNEY CADY I have always reserved the third day of tradeshow for recuperation. After two days of getting bombarded by the sensory overload that is Las Vegas, it is most helpful to take it easy on the third day. Since I prioritized the points of interest at Sourcing for the second day, I used the third day to browse the floor for new vendors.

Ever wonder how brands know what trends are going to be hot next season? I sat down with Jackie Chambers from Fashion Snoops to get the inside scoop!

The week keeps getting better and better. The day started with our morning briefing and then as promised the SOLSAK bags were shot on professional models by LA fashion magazine. Yippie!  From there I sat in a session on social commerce that detailed ways to leverage social media to increase traffic to our website and enhance SOLSAK's brand awareness. Next I attended a session where I learned about the importance of social compliance a very weighty matter particularly in light of the recent factory tragedy in India.

Tuesday, August 20 2013

Don't forget to get 'grammin with us and share your Insta-moments on the SOURCING at MAGIC floor with the hashtag #SOURCINGatMAGIC !

The day began with our morning designer huddle at the convention center before going off in our respective directions. My first stop was to an accessories seminar lead by the president of the Accessories Council, Karen Gibberson (as pictured). She offered several tips on how to grow a successful accessories buisness in today's market. From there I connected with Kimberly from Kimberly Lulu and we began exploring the booths of WWD Magic cooridor.

Today I started off the day with a quick fashion show at the Tradegood runway. After the show, I walked the "America's" section on the SOURCING floor on my  way to the Fashion Snoops Fall 14/15 Trend Forecast. There were four main trend focuses: Folkloric, Rocker, Pro Sport and Boudoir - the last being my favorite and most applicable to Silk and Cyanide. My favorite part of all is the color trend reports -  I feel great knowing Silk and Cyanide is already ahead of the curve in the "jewel tone" color department!

Today was my first official day at MAGIC.  So far it's been quite overwhelming!  The convention center is massive!  This truly is where buyers come from all over the world and I can't believe the magnitude of it all. First up, I hit SOURCING and while I focused on the Americas, it was fascinating to see production from all over the world.

The first day of sourcing is like the calm before the storm. Since Sourcing at MAGIC begins a day before the other shows, there is a slower pace that everyone seems to honor. Because of this, I always try to take advantage by walking the floor to browse the show’s entirety hoping to eye the exhibitors; seminars and resources that I would like to spend more time with throughout the week.

Monday, August 19 2013

Don't forget to Instagram with us and share your Insta-moments on the Sourcing at Magic floor with the hashtag #SOURCINGatMAGIC !

Day 1 of SOURCING at MAGIC has been a great intro to all the opportunities and excitement of the days to come. The day has flown by with so many highlights!

SOURCING at MAGIC! What a day, in fact you can say it was a day of firsts. SOLSAK Sunday started early with a shuttle ride to the convention center where I met up with the other designers and the Magic marketing team. From there we were taken on a tour of the SOURCING floor and were privvy to witnessing the official welcome and ribbon cutting ceremony, marking the official open of SOURCING at MAGIC August 2013.

SOURCING at MAGIC opened up its doors today at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In the morning there was a cultural dance performance from India which happens to be the focus region for this year too. There was also a custom henna art booth at the Cultural Center and cronuts being given away at the WSA.

Don't tell, but we're playing favorites, and we can't wait for August! What does the August show have on the February? SOURCING at MAGIC HOME show in the Las Vegas Convention Center!

Tuesday, June 25 2013

On our never ending search to bring you what's happening on the most fashionable streets in the world we stumbled across yet another trend - embroidery.

There is a brand new show in town! Embedded within MAGIC MARKET WEEK, WSA at MAGIC will be in Las Vegas this August 2013.

Saturday, May 18 2013

Red. Colour of passion, love, it's fiery & intense and Pantone colour "Samba" is no exception. Get inspired ahead of our August show with our "Colour Study" series. From home to street, from mall to couture - "Samba" all the way.

Monday, May 06 2013

We're back to the streets again to bring you a bevy of inspiration from a multitude of sources - and those city streets are looking tough. Right in time for the punk revival courtesy of the Met Gala and subsequent exhibit, street style has developed a sartorial mean streak.

Sunday, May 05 2013

We love catching up with our reps around the globe - and they have been jet-setting all over! Take a peek below for a glimpse at their travels and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for instant coverage of their travels!

We sent Sourcing at MAGIC influencer and aspiring designer, Kimberly Luu out on the Sourcing floor to discover what Sourcing was all about - here are her "Top Ten" discoveries!

Friday, March 22 2013

We're gathering inspiration from our global street style sources again to show you what we've found trending - in ever cyclical fashion we're seeing the swinging sixties back with a vengeance.

“In the 20th century, the way to make a future was in real property. In the 21st century intellectual property is the way to make a fortune” - Jack Needleman Intellectual trademark lawyer and manufacturer, Richard Reinis opened up his address at the Investment Summit at MAGIC with this statement of…well, truth. For better or for worse, what makes companies valuable today is their brand identity more than their product.

My last day in Vegas somehow goes so much smoother than all the other days.  Perhaps this is due in part to the relief of knowing the madness is almost over, but I also think by the last day, my mental map of the shows is well established.  Plus, given that I try to strategize my trip by handling the most difficult business tasks at the beginning of the week, the last day is left for fun.

By day three of tradeshow season in Vegas I’m always exhausted, and like clockwork my energy proved to follow my bi-annual pattern.  In anticipation of this, I set up my week’s agenda to take care of the most vital business concerns the first two days so that I can manage the sensory-overload that is Las Vegas.

Wednesday, February 20 2013

How Chinese Investment in California Factories can Benefit Your Business - by Leah Garvin

Wednesday, February 20 2013

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Wednesday, February 20 2013

Get the scoop on what's fresh for 2014/2015 at Fashion Snoops located at the center of the SOURCING at MAGIC floor. Learn about the up and coming silhouettes, colors, and fabrics!


Tuesday, February 19 2013

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Tuesday, February 19 2013

Sourcing at MAGIC opened yesterday with a flurry of activity - we sent one of our official influencers, trend forecaster and blogger, Wendy Bendoni out on to the floor to get the daily scoop!


Tuesday, February 19 2013

Sourcing at MAGIC continued yesterday with an information maelstrom – we sent one of our official influencers, manufacturing blogger, Leah Garvin out on to the floor to get the daily scoop!

I always forget how much longer things take in Las Vegas.  Just getting from my hotel three doors down to the Mandalay Bay is like walking the entire Lower East Side of Manhattan. Fortunately, Sourcing at MAGIC runs later than the other shows, so my casual half-day of greeting clients and friends exhibiting at PROJECT and POOL earlier in the day didn’t ruin my agenda of finding fabric vendors at Sourcing in the afternoon.

Flying into Vegas from LA for Magic is like an express industry party in the sky.  The airplane is always filled with dapper people sipping cocktails and exchanging details of their tradeshow plans.  I had caught a mid-day plane to Vegas in effort to do a bit of work in LA, and still catch the first day of Sourcing at MAGIC in the afternoon.

Thursday, February 14 2013

Did you know Sourcing at MAGIC is home to multiple companies able to accommodate all your private label needs? Did you even know what Private Label is?

Very exciting news, this season at Sourcing, we’re bringing in our very own set of Influencers! These lovely ladies will be spending their MAGIC MARKET WEEK on the Sourcing floor – learning about trends, manufacturing and the world of Sourcing!

Forget “it” girls and “it” designers. 17-5641 is the IT number of 2013. It’s the number that will take the fashion world on a fabulous journey to the Emerald City and trigger pangs of green envy everywhere.

Wednesday, February 06 2013

In a case of who came first, the chicken or the egg, we’ve yet to find who wins out, similarly we find ourselves debating an almost more frustrating wager, who’s inspiring who? Is the street inspiring the trend or is the trend inspiring the street?

Wednesday, February 06 2013

Sourcing is the bane of my existence. As a garment production manager, finding the right materials, with the right price, at the right minimum, within a given timeline is four times the challenge.