StyleBistro Interview with 'Scandal' Costume Designer Lyn Paolo from SOURCING at MAGIC

StyleBistro Interview with 'Scandal' Costume Designer Lyn Paolo from SOURCING at MAGIC

Friday, March 13 2015

Between shocking plot twists, never-ending love triangles and A-list guest stars (such as Lena Dunham next week), it's tough to decide what we love most about this season of Scandal. Still, it's the characters' wardrobes that have had us hooked from the beginning. The show's costume designer Lyn Paolo, who recently attended the apparel industry's MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas, is dedicated to not only, presenting fashionable attire week after week, but also helping you get your hands on them. She gave us the inside scoop on Olivia Pope & Co.'s wardrobes—plus how to mirror their sophisticated styles. 

What made you decide to join the MAGIC panel this year? "I thought it would be great to come and start sourcing some new designers to see what's available before it hits the stores. I’m really trying to have all of my shows stay ahead of the curve. So often what happens is we'll buy a piece, and it's gone [once the episode airs]. I want to try and help our fans find these pieces, which is why we did The Limited Collection. How do you find things in a timely fashion and then display them on the show so then they can be part of the experience of watching the TV show? It's sort of fun—you're watching the show, you love something and then you can go buy it. Whatever Kerry and I can do to help our fans is important to us."

How do you approach the cast's wardrobes? "It's like painting a picture for me. I set the costumes for every single person, and then I take them and group them together so I can see everything. You want to make it beautiful—it's a visual image, a moment in time. Even though Olivia [played by Kerry Washington] is going to be in whatever she's going to be in, I will adjust her costume if I feel it doesn't work within the whole. It all has to flow and fit together, so it's a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle every week. We play with that with everybody. When Quinn [Katie Lowes] became baby Huck, for a while we had them both in plaid shirts as a joke for the fans to see if they noticed, [and] they went nuts. We're having a blast with it all."

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